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The Union Alpha Team

Expertise & Experience

Make all the Difference


Customers can rely on over a century-and-a-half of real-world knowledge


The combination of professional expertise and extensive experience are major advantages for Union Alpha and our customers. The organization is led by a strong team of professional accountants, each with more than 30+ years of local and international customer experience as well as detailed sector knowledge.


They are supported by more than 60 experienced accountants and industry professionals in 6 offices across Hong Kong, Greater China and United Kingdom. The result is well qualified engagement teams, committed to providing quality and responsive services.



An avid wine-lover, Francis appreciates the subtleties that separate a good wine from a great one, and he takes the same approach to delivering professional services. As Union Alpha’s founder, Francis is responsible for overseeing the provision of auditing, taxation, corporate internal control and governance, M&A and financial advisory, corporate restructuring and liquidation, family trust and wealth management services to Union Alpha clients.


He has over 35+ years of professional accountancy experience, including extensive Mainland China tax and audit expertise, six years with the internationally renowned accounting firm, KPMG, and two years in the Risk Management and Compliance Division of Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited ("HKSCC"). In addition to his duties at Union Alpha, Francis is an independent, non-executive director and chairman or member of the audit/remuneration/nomination committees of nine public companies listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.



Baseball is one of the highlights of Sabrina’s week. It has also paid dividends professionally - in theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is!


Sabrina has been putting auditing and taxation theory into practice for over 30+ years. As one of UA’s founding partners and head of Union Alpha’s Audit & Assurance Division, she is primarily responsible for the supervision of auditing and taxation engagements with clients and responding to enquiries regarding Hong Kong tax issues.


And inveterate road warrior, Jacky spends much of his travelling on business.  However, in his limited leisure time, he can be found leaving footprints on Hong Kong's hiking trails.

One of Union Alpha's founding partners, Jacky is responsible for the firm's China operations, cross-border transactions and international taxation.  Putting his 30+ years into practice, Jacky is involved in due diligence, business advisory and consulting projects for local and international companies. 

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